We donate a portion our proceeds to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation !

Buying local NC sustainable caught seafood makes the world happy

Some of the Earth's greatest and tastiest fish roam off the coast of North Carolina.   We aim to protect these species through sustainable fishing practices and helping our global fish supply by only supplying local NC caught seafood to the Asheville and Greensboro regions.


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Our local catch - What's migrating by the Outer Banks.

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Simply Caught seafood offers an unmatched quality and freshness for North Carolina seafood. Our fish markets allow you to buy seafood in several different ways. Find our seafood at several local farmers markets, our new Community Supported Fishery, or have the seafood delivered to your chef at your restaurant. Our selection of local seafood will be delivered to the western part of NC with the upmost urgency. Your can rest assured it will be the freshest seafood available and harvested in a sensible / sustainable manner.

North Carolina’s gulf stream offers exceptional migrations of Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna. The Pamlico sound’s estuary offers unmatched habitat for Shrimp, Oysters, Flounder, Crabs, and is a great breeding ground for many larger fish we love to eat! With such a great resource we feel that all the residence of NC should be able to enjoy what the Outer Banks has to offer.

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