Our partners are cherished and are extremely important to what we do!  On the east coast the local shellfish farmers, crabbers, and bottom fishermen of North Carolina help us supply extremely fresh seafood to the  local restaurants and farmers markets in the western part of the state.  In and around Asheville and Greensboro our local Chefs and business owners have a great appreciation for our high quality seafood and here at Simply Caught Seafood we hold these relationships dear.  We "simply" can not operate with out these outstanding businesses!

Excellant Assocations we support !

Restaurants we supply

Asheville - Hendersonville - Saluda - Columbus - Greensboro


  • Sierra Nevada

  • Zombras

  • lobster trap

  • Rhubarb

  • oyster house

  • purple onion

  • saluda grade

  • West Village Market

  • Hendersonville CO-OP

  • AUX Bar

  • Carmell’s

  • The Rural Seed

  • The Admiral

  • M&M Meats

  • Hendersonville Golf and Country Club

  • Bhramari Brewing

  • Orchard Inn

  • Azalea Bistro

  • The Shine

  • The Table

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