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Simply Caught Seafood LLC has designed a new approach to delivering seafood to the western part of North Carolina. Much like a CSA we deliver fresh, sustainable, and local seafood each week. Simply view drop off locations that are convenient and choose appropriate options during checkout. The seafood is then on its way. When you sign up you tell us your weekly order size (small or large) and any species you don’t want and we will bring a variety of fresh seafood to your neighborhood.

We catch and fillet your seafood all in house. There are generally no middlemen who waste valuable time this highly perishable commodity. We then pack it into coolers and deliver it to a sponsor in your neighborhood. You simply then grab the bag with your name on it out of the cooler and enjoy. Simple as that !

There are two order sizes. A small order consist of one pound of shrimp and four servings (24oz) of fish. A large order consist of one pound of shrimp and 6 serving (32oz) of fish. You will also be able to make custom orders on a weekly basis if your having friends over for dinner. Simply fill out the custom order form below and its on the way to your neighborhood.

What is a sponsor?

  • You agree to take a cooler full of fresh seafood where your neighbors can come by and grab their bag.

  • The sponsor will get 50% off their order of up to 50 dollars.

  • A business sponsor will receive either 50% off their order or 10% of the total sales for their Market.

BECOMING A MEMBER or check out as guest

  • Sign up to become member. When you sign up you will be able to expedite checkout and we will have your information on file for to help us understand you seafood needs.

  • To purchase seafood as a guest simply choose the package on the Purchase Seafood Page and fill in the appropriate information during checkout. After you fill out your email and shipping info (its free delivery ) you will have the option to choose a date and location to pick up your seafood. At this time also inform us of any species you don’t want. ( ex: squid, eel, ect )

  • Then simply pay for your order and its on the way. ENJOY !

Custom Orders

Please contact us directly for custom orders via phone or the online form below. We will try our best to get exactly what you prefer. we encourage you to order as far in advance as possible

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We prefer to talk to you for custom orders so we can understand exactly what your needs are.
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