Our Story

Jeff and Frank started Simply Caught Seafood LLC. in 2016 with the goal to provide local sustainably caught seafood strait to the residents of western NC.  Growing up on the outer banks and moving to Asheville and Greensboro NC they soon realized that there was something missing.  Great Fresh Seafood!

"knowing who caught, transported, filleted, and delivered the seafood is our biggest asset"

Capt. Frank

Jeff and Frank run a 30 food commercial fishing vessel out of Beaufort and Oregon Inlets.  A typical trip is 2 days offshore then strait to our own FDA approved HACCP facility where we weigh and report our catch then fillet a small amount for custom orders.  We take great pride in our quality of fish and really try to keep the handling of the seafood to a minimum.  "Its always better to deliver the catch with head on and gutted to keep the fish on ice with as little handling as possible" says Jeff.  Once weighed we deliver strait to restaurants and the public via farmers markets and our custom email list.

While we catch most of our seafood, we do have relationships with a few down east shrimpers, crabbers, oyster men, and other bottom fishermen.  These relationships help to offer the seafood's that are in season!